Westgate Gardens in Canterbury is definitely one of the best parks I’ve been to. A lovely waitress in Whitstable told us about this spot, otherwise I don’t think we would have found it. Through the park there goes a river, and you can also take a boat (punt) tour. We would have done it, but thought it was too hot to be in the sun. Instead, we found a quiet spot in the garden under a tree and took a long nap.

I’ve actually been to Canterbury before. When I was 12, we took a class trip to England and visited here for one day. What I remember was a lot of shops, the cathedral, and fish and chips that I did not like. Not that there was anything wrong with the first visit, I definitely got more out of the city this time. I believe it would be nicer to do shopping here than in London, as it’s always so busy there. In Canterbury there are a lot of tourists as well, but not enough for it to be too crowded.

We also visited the cathedral, but some parts were closed due to renovation. I was surprised that you had to pay a rather high entrance fee (now 5 pounds, normally 12,5 pounds?!). It was an alright visit, although not sure it was entirely worth the money, as the best parts seemed to be closed.


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