When we were in Uluwatu, Bali, we visited Pantai Suluban -beach. There was also another hidden beach if you went through a hole in the rock. It’s is very risky though; I was this close to dipping the 1500 euro camera into the ocean. There was a shipwreck at the hidden beach, but I don’t have any good photos so I’ll just let you imagine that. The sunset was stunning, which we went to see from one of the bars that was high up on the hill. There were a lot of surfers and the waves looked pretty smooth! They were really far out though, so not sure if it would be ideal for a beginner…

Aloin ensin ihan ajatuksissani kirjoittamaan tätä suomeksi, joten tässäpä vielä käännös:

Uluwatussa ollessamme päädyimme käymään Pantai Suluban nimisellä rannalla – kyltistä päätellen uskoisin sen olevan rannan nimi. Aurinko laski tuonne upeasti, ja yhdestä onkalosta mentäessä löytyi myös toinen salainen ranta, joka ei näkynyt läheisille kallioille. Rannalla oli myös haaksirikkoutunut laiva. Valitettavasti mulla ei kuitenkaan ole yhtään hyvää kuvaa laivasta, joten jätetään se mielikuvituksen varaan.



Here come the Bali posts! A year too late, but I bet nothing’s changed and it’s all still the same anyway. These photos are from Tanah Lot Temple. It was alright, although it felt like a bit of a scam. To enter, you had to pay to get yourself blessed with holy water and some rice was put on your forehead. Then you could keep going further to the temple…although there was literally just two meters of steps and then the entry was blocked. Like WHAT did I just pay for? If you’d like to visit here, then my advice is: don’t do the blessing because it’s not gonna get you anywhere and you’ll just queue for nothing. It’s not expensive, but I’d say it’s waste of time. However, I did find the blessing “ceremony” quite interesting. It is also insanely touristic at Tanah Lot, which I’m also not a big fan of. Other than that I liked it, the views were pretty and I wish we had more time to stroll around. I heard this is great at sunset, too!

My aim is not to give negative vibes, but instead, I’d like to give a realistic image of places I go to. There are so many travel blogs, vlogs, and Instagram accounts that are just pure lies, if you can say that. You know, only talking about how great everything is and making it look like there was no one else there when the truth is there were 500 people standing right behind you. I have nothing against that and I follow those accounts too, but I’m too lazy to edit all my photos that heavily if you know what I mean. 😉