After spending the entire day walking around and lying on the beach, it was time to get a drink from the shop and watch the sun set into the sea. In Finland, they stop selling alcohol in stores at 9 pm, so I really appreciate that here in England you can get a casual drink from the shop even if it’s later than that. I bought this wine glass from the shop – it’s plastic and comes with a lid – how perfect for picnics! You can fill it up and then put it in your bag if you need to, or place the lid on if you don’t have a stable base and there’s a risk of spilling. What a great innovation.

Anyway, even though it was overcast, the sunset was beautiful and it was nice to feel the air get colder. If you go to Whitstable I really recommend staying until the sunset. There’s also a cool beach bar if that’s what you prefer over a picnic. Read my other post about Whitstable by clicking here.




The heatwave is still going, and as said before, it’s insanely hot in the city. Therefore, we planned a quick weekend trip to the countryside to get some fresh air and relax. This time we picked a pretty random location none of us had heard before; Whitstable. We actually stayed in an Airbnb in Herne Bay, but there was not much there. However, Whitstable seems like a popular place for Londoners to take a break.

Whitstable is a small town (or a village) in Kent, which is in South East England. The beach is huge and the town is famous for its oysters. There were a lot of people enjoying the sun, drinking some beers, watching the Whitstable sunset and having dinner. There was also a high street with a few restaurants and surprisingly many flea markets. On a sunny day, it was easy to spend the entire day there, and I recommend a visit if you’re about.

These photos are taken in front of a random house on the high street. Loved this outfit btw – I’ve been looking for some linen shorts for ages, but it has been difficult with the budget that I’m on. I was lucky to find these from Stradivarius for only £12,99. I can tell the quality isn’t amazing, but I guess you get what you pay for.


The past three to four weeks there has been a heat wave here in England, and it has been around 29 degrees every day. Last week’s weekend we went to Somerset to enjoy the countryside to get out of the city and enjoy some fresh air. The city seems to restore the heat, and you can clearly notice the temperature difference even if you go to a park and then go back to a street.

In the countryside then again, the air felt so fresh and I woke up to a cow’s moo. What actually surprised me was that the cows were cow-coloured. I never thought about this before, but the cows in Finland tend to be brown and white, not black and white. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the “right” coloured cows before.

I spent a good while hanging out with the cows. They were very curious and timid at the same time. They were very interested in us, including the dogs. One of the cows reached through the fence to lick the dog, but when the dog moved the cow go scared and hit its head on the fence. When I raised my arm up to take a picture from above, one of the cows actually jumped and ran away.

During the weekend we also went swimming in a river where you could jump off a bridge. I’m quite afraid of heights, and I’m surprised I jumped! Well done me. On Sunday the boys also taught me to play some cricket. At first, I had no idea what I was doing, but towards the end, I actually hit the ball!

The weeks are quite busy with work, and I haven’t really done much else during the weeks. This weekend we went to see the London pride and cheered for the English football team. After the match, the streets were full of crazy people blocking the roads, climbing up traffic lights and singing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that kind of craziness. If you wanna know what I’m talking about, you can check out some clips from my Instagram story highlights on my account @Liljalumilla.

Btw, the first and the last photo are my absolute favourites and I can’t believe it was me who took them! Haven’t photographed in ages.




I’ve spent the past week selling my furniture, sleeping on the floor, and packing and unpacking. Right now I’m sitting at the airport – in a lounge, can you imagine? It’s pretty cool here: free food, coffee, and wine. It’s crazy to think that this is just normal life for some, and I must say I could get used to the V.I.P. treatment. I’m the only young person here and they all must think what on earth is this kid doing here.

I’m on my way to London and have three suitcases. I did not take what I needed, instead, I took everything that I possibly could. I’m gonna have a week of vacation, and then start work next Monday. I’m so excited about everything, but at the same time, it feels like this isn’t even real. From experience, I know that once you move to a new country, it takes about two weeks to understand that you actually live there now. And you still have to pinch yourself every now and then.



I’m so thrilled to announce that’s it’s finally official: I’m moving to London! I have about two weeks left here in Finland, and during that time I have to finish all my uni assignments and get rid of my current apartment, as well as furniture etc. I’ve already sold so much stuff, including clothes, almost all of my plates, and my curtains. That might be the reason that I can’t sleep and I’m still up writing this at one in the morning.

I hate the idea of putting all the good stuff in my mum’s garage and have them sitting there for probably years, so I decided to give Facebook flea markets a chance. I never knew how convenient they would be! Almost all the items I put on sale attracted a lot of interest, and just by selling the unnecessary things I’ve already covered the cost of my flight. If you’d start applying this more often, you could just travel for “free” in exchange for getting rid of all the crap in your closet. Then you’d always have an excuse to go shopping because you’d need to replace some of the sold items… Sounds good to me!

What comes to the photos, they were taken in London last October. My timing was bad enough to make it to London right after they had started renovating Big Ben. I decided to embrace it and take a proper tourist photo anyway, and I think it is actually kind of funny. Who takes a picture with a building site?! (In this case, I believe, quite many actually.)



As I’m impatiently waiting until I can book my flights to London, I decided to have a look at some of the photos taken in Brighton last October. Before we arrived, I was warned that it’s “just a small town”. However, in my perspective it was actually quite big. The population (according to Wikipedia) is roughly only 156 000, but i swear it felt like it was the size of Helsinki, or even bigger. Brighton was also ranked as “the most hipster city in the world”, which does not surprise me. What was more surprising was that Helsinki was ranked as 9th! Here’s the link to the ranking of most hipster cities in the world. Brighton was indeed full of flea markets, coffee shops, tiny boutiques and really seemed like an entrepreneur’s dream: if you have a weird business idea, that’s the place to make it happen! Some major brands, including The Body Shop, also come from Brighton.

As this post comes with pictures from Brighton Pier, I may as well give my comments on that. That’s Brighton’s main attraction and definitely worth visiting. There’s an arcade, some candy floss kiosks and even a small amusement park at the end of the pier. If you have some extra coin you could easily spend half a day playing all the games and trying all the other experiences the pier has to offer. If you’re on a budget, it’s definitely nice to just have a quick stroll around, and I must say it’s also very instagrammable. The beach in Brighton is also massive, and should get pretty busy on a nice summer day. Can’t wait!



It’s been nearly a year since I wrote anything here – and a lot has changed since then! First of all, I really wanted to make my blog independent as I no longer wanted to be a part of Rantapallo.fi – which was actually alright but I just felt like I couldn’t write about other topics than travel there. Also, the ads and the header of the site really bugged me. So here we are, under my own domain and my own web design! And no ads!

The last time I posted, I was sitting at Perth airport on my way to Bali, and I had big plans to create lots of content from there. Turned out I was busy being in love and didn’t even remember the existence of the blog. The “photographer guy” and I moved to Finland, which was a bit crazy at least from his side. Now it’s my turn to be a bit nutty as we are planning to move to London. I don’t know any details yet, as we’re still in the planning phase, but I’m sure I’ll be able to enlighten you a bit later. It seems like I just can’t stay in one place for more than a year.

These pictures were taken in Ilminster, Somerset, which is a tiny village in England that we visited during Christmas holidays. I absolutely love the houses they have there –  I mean the way they look, not the way they’re built. Literally, on one morning I woke up and just randomly glanced at the chimney: I could see actual sunlight coming through! No wonder it’s so cold inside! I bet snow would come inside as well. Thank god for the good building techniques we have in Finland because if we had houses like that, I think no one would live here because everyone would be frozen to death.