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Regent’s park is probably one of Londons most visited park, and for a good reason. On Saturday we spent the day in the park and having visited several other parks of London (Hyde Park, Hampstead Heath, London Fields, Victoria Park…), I think Regent’s park is so far my favourite. But why?

The park has a lot to offer; there are art installations, flower gardens with fountains, a little lake, rugby fields… Something for everybody I suppose. Also, it’s massive. Even if there are a lot of people there, it doesn’t feel busy.

I was thinking about the park culture today and realized it’s probably one of the biggest cultural differences when it comes to free time activities. In Finland, we don’t really have these big parks all over the city. Of course, there are parks, but mostly they are pretty small and more like gardens – not really for playing games and having picknicks. However, in Finland the cities are small and the countryside and forests are never far away. Finnish people love the forest, and I guess going to the forest is the equivalent of going to parks. But the difference is that here the people go to the park with their friends or family to play games, whereas Finns mostly go to the forest just to be quiet. Both are fine and probably serve for the same purpose; getting away from the city and stress.

It seems that in bigger cities, where nature isn’t present, the parks are more required.

Ok, I lied. In Turku there is Vartiovuori and in Helsinki there is Keskuspuisto, whivch are some larger parks. But I still feel like it’s not as common to hang out in the parks on a normal day as it is here. 

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