Indian Summer in Richmond Park

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Richmond Park is London’s biggest park, and I did my fist visit here last weekend. We liked it so much that we decided to repeat the trip again yesterday. It was potentially the last day of Summer, so I shoved my jumpers back to the closet and wore my mother’s old dress to take the most out of it.

Richmond Park in comparison to London’s other parks

Richmond Park has a completely different feel in comparison to London’s other parks, which are far more maintained. When in Richmond Park, it almost feels like you’re in some African savanna. This is probably because of the dry, long grass. That’s probably not ideal for picnics, but I like it though, as it makes you feel like you really are in the nature. Last time we came here, we didn’t see any of the more than 600 wild deer that live in Richmond Park. To be honest, I was surprised and thought ”how can 600 large animals hire in the grass??”. Turns out they like to hide in the fern bushes. They don’t seem to mind humans too much, but I guess they tend to avoid us a bit anyway. As we followed a family of deer, they certainly didn’t wait up.

In the middle of the park there are also a couple of ponds, so we trekked all the way there to have a picnic and read our books (i’m currently reading The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo). We noticed another significant difference to other parks – no one was drinking! Unbelievable, considering we are talking about a park in Britain! I guess it is a bit of a hike to get to Richmond Park, so dragging crates of beer probably isn’t ideal. All other parks on the other hand are always filled with groups of friends drinking and having fun.

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In addition to the park, I also really love Richmond as an area. It would be ideal to live there, however it is a bit too far from the centre. My favourite part is Richmond Hill, where I took the picture above. At the top of the hill there is a pub, so go get some drinks and go to the street or on the lawn to enjoy the view. This take away beer culture is definitely on of my favourite things in this country, as it is generally not legal in Finland. It’s really nice that you’re never forced to stay inside if you want to have a drink. While watching the sunset, we also spotted Helen Baxendale, who put her jumper on inside out. At this point I hadn’t realised who she was, so I hesitated to say anything – if I had made the connection earlier, I definitely would have taken the opportunity to have a little chat 😀

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