Tällä kertaa vaan enkuksi, ajatukset ei kulje äidinkielellä tänään ollenkaan. Pahoittelut!

A few weeks ago we collected a big group of friends and went on a camping trip to Margaret River and Dunsborough. We drove to Yallingup Canal Rocks, which was a massive formation of orange colored rocks. The place is very popular for whale watching, and we did see one too – beached and dead, unfortunately. I’m a big fan of sea mammals, so it was super sad that the first whale I ever saw was dead.

Other than that, the trip consisted of massive barbecues, camp fires, late night drinks at the beach, some fishing, and good company. We also went to a chocolate factory that had free chocolate, a cheese factory with free cheese, and a winery with free wine tasting. That was a very successful day of free food and drinks, and a great way to spend a rainy day. We rented a camper van between four people. We were really lucky to have a friend who works for that company, since we got the rental for free! We only had to pay for the insurance and the gas, so this was definitely a cost effective way of traveling for poor backpackers.

Photos by Kit Kelsey
Edit by me


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