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Sky Garden and its popularity have recently skyrocketed. It is indeed an amazing place, but you must book your tickets well in advance, particularly if you are looking to visit there during the weekend. There are, of course, some walk-in tickets available, but you will need to queue for those, and your access will not be guaranteed.

So, if you were too late to book tickets to Sky Garden, you’re on a budget, and you’d still like to admire London’s skyline from a top location, I’ve got a solution for you: The Garden at 120. It is London’s latest rooftop garden, which opened earlier this year. It’s still very much of a hidden gem, so I guarantee it’s not going to be busy, as it seems like even Londoners don’t yet know of its existence.

My friend and I visited here in March, and then there were no services available. However, I would imagine that some sort of café or ice cream trolley would start operating here as soon as it gets more popular and as the weather improves. Also, the metal bars were still empty in March, but imagine how beautiful they will look once covered by flowers.

The Garden at 120 is the perfect place to have a break from the hectic city and enjoy some amazing views. It’s located close to Tower Bridge and Tower Hill, so if you are sightseeing, combine these three. Also Sky Garden, which is located in the Walkie Talkie building is very close, in case you want to try your luck with walk-in tickets first.

It would be great if you could share some of your favourite rooftops, here in London or anywhere else in the world!

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